sunday funday #1

typically my ideal sunday funday would consist of a blood orange mimosa, or five. i guess beggars can't be choosers. however, i've decided to make sundays here at sunshine styled devoted to some of my favorite things from the week. they will be a mix of pictures taken by myself, as well as items/photos i have found from around the web. the first rule of sunday funday is that are all bets are off. 

spending a day relaxing at the beach. i still can't believe i live here again! before i moved to boston, i never truly appreciated living in this type of environment. considering the amount of times i've been at the beach since being back, i know i will never make that mistake again.

the color of the week. i received this color in my julep maven march box and just tried it out for the first time this week. the shade is called margaret and i loved it. it is a great color for spring and summer, even though i usually tend to prefer lighter/minty-ier (is that a word? now it is) blues.

as spring/summer approaches - well in florida, summer is basically in full-effect, but i digress - my weekend travel is going to be increasing in full-force. i am loving this nautical inspired weekend bag from stylemint. just looking at it makes me feel like i am about to pop over to a new beach for a weekend break.

i still have an undetermined amount of time before i move for the new job - hopefully only a month or two more - but i have been planning the decor of my new place for months. a little excited is saying it lightly. i found this DIY tutorial for vintage industrial letters over at lollyjane and fell immediately in love! the theme i am aiming for in the apartment is "rustic country chic" and this DIY is perfect to spice up one of my future walls. 

how was your weekend? i am off for the next five days to miami to start doing some work in marketing. it is sure to be a busy week.


  1. Lovely post! I love that nail color!! Would you mind looking at my blog? It would mean the world to me.

  2. That nail color is gorgeous! My weekend was pretty relaxing, took it very easy! I love your blog I just followed it :)