julep maven "it girl" welcome box

2 boxes arrived for me in a row! i will admit, for the past 2 months i have been on a real subscription box kick. i just cannot get enough of them and am constantly scouring the net looking at blog reviews and figuring out which boxes are the best! after starting with birchbox in december, i finally cancelled it after being incredibly let down with the february box. i am currently an ipsy subscriber - and LOVE ipsy. (you can check it out HERE). but i recently came upon julep maven and was pretty curious to see how i felt about it as i am a nail polish addict, although i usually stick to primarily essie products. really, i have about $200 of essie nail polish at the moment.

anyways, julep is a monthly nail polish + beauty subscription box that provides you with a "style profile" after you fill out a quiz. every month, they will open a window where you can see what all of the boxes for the month look like and you can pick which one you would like to receive. the best part being that you can change your style at any time if you do not like the one chosen for you! it retails at $19.99/month but they are doing a promo right now to try out your first box free! you can head to julep HERE and use the code "freebox".

the package arrived in a cute little pink box! woo-hoo!

opening the box, i was presented with a little welcome card and a booklet containing more information on the company. i chose the "it girl" box, which comes with 3 nail polish colors every month.

the contents of the box! i already knew what to expect being that i chose which box to receive, but i was pleased with how all of the colors looked in real life. i swatched them (and silly enough forgot to grab a picture of it) and they are pretty much exactly what you see in the bottle. very vibrant and have a great consistency. the three colors i received are bunny, libby, and elle (from left to right). they also threw in 2 small nail file/buffers. fun extra!

all in and all, i was very happy with my welcome box- especially because it was free! the total value came out to an estimated $45. however, i do not think it is a service i will be using from month to month as i do not feel it is necessary to spend so much money on nail polish colors. but i am sure i will choose to use it every once in a while!

as a special treat to myself, i also went over and picked up Maybelline Falsie Volumnizing Mascara and the Revlon Just Bitten Balm Stain in "Sweetheart/Valentine". i only recently tried the falsie volumnizing mascara but fell in love after one use! i've been using the same revlon mascara for 3 years, so this was a big change up. and i cannot put into words how much i already enjoy the just bitten crayon. if you haven't picked up one of these yet, you're truly missing out.

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