glimpses into life

things have been pretty quiet on the home front lately. i've been mostly relaxing and looking into taking a part-time job on the beach before i make my permanent move in a couple of months for the new job. i have a couple of promising leads at the moment -great thing- as not moving a lot tends to make me go a little stir crazy! i thought i would share a couple of pictures i have taken in the past few days while galavanting around town. we have been blessed with beautiful weather lately, making it a pleasure to be running errands.

taking a stroll in the historic downtown area of naples

waterfront restaurant eating on a residential bay- what a view!

one of the many outdoor and italian inspired shopping & food centres

a simple, island inspired salad i put together for dinner one day (the goat cheese was an experiment, which i ended up liking, but would most likely pick a sharper cheese next time)

like i said, things have been pretty slow lately but i am doing my best to enjoy the down time from a 40 hour work week. it can be hard to appreciate the lulls when they last longer than usual, but i truly can't complain! i have a lot of things to look forward to, including my march IPSY glam bag! i may have peaked at my glam room already (oops), but i am so excited to receive it and will definitely be posting pictures and a review when it arrives! 

what are y'all most excited for this time of year?

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